Hi! This is Sher, Des, Chris, and Jason. We are all good friends and we will be freshmen this coming September. Same as all the young teenagers in the United States, we study, participate in sports, enjoy hobbies, and we work towards our goals and to pay for our tuition. We took advantage of our American and Hong Kong fashion taste and began to look for American brand products. Now, we have found this amazing website, www.shehoho.com that could assist us to pay for our college tuitions. So if you fans of American Apparel and Fashion trends, Please visit www.shehoho.com or visit their local store in Kwun Tong. We ourselves, enjoy doing so and hope you like the products we chose!

大家好! 我們是 Sher, Des, Chris和Jason。 我們是要好的朋友, 今年九月將是大學一年級的學生。和在美的年青人一樣,我們朝著我們的人生目標前進;我們學習,運動, 參加喜歡的活動,並參予課餘的工作以賺取學費和零用。著我們對美國潮流的認知,和得知香港人對美國服飾的喜愛,我們四人就開始四處搜購時尚的美國品牌,亦很開心找到多元化和靈活的 www.shehoho.com 網站,願意協助我們在香港銷售。所以如你也喜歡美國風氣和自由的潮流, 請www.shehoho.com,或親臨他們在觀塘的店舖選購。希望大家喜歡我們所選擇的產品,這是我們非常享受的!




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